About Me

Welcome to my vintage blog! I started this site as a complement to my vintage shop on Etsy, where I sell vintage purses, jewelry and other fashion accessories, as well as retro home decor.  I haven’t always been in this line of work–I’ve been a journalist and freelance writer for many years–as well as a mother to two sons–but my love for vintage was always lurking in the background.

Moving around the country multiple times over the past 25 years has deepened my passion for vintage shopping.  We’ve moved nine times since 1989, circling the entire country, mostly related to my husband’s career in academia. Here’s a map that memorializes our travels — I made it for my husband, Ken, as a Christmas gift last year. Move MapBelieve me, moving hasn’t always come at the most convenient times: I’ve moved while nine months pregnant and with two kids (and two dogs) in tow.

Every time we move, I’ve had to get rid of a bunch of stuff, and then immediately replace it with other stuff to suit the style of our new house. I’ve held more tag sales (or “garage sales” or “yard sales” or “stoop sales,” depending on where you live!) than I care to count. I became fascinated with how goods are recycled through various owners over time, sometimes gaining value as they age or taking on new uses or meanings as they pass from one generation to another. The Pyrex casserole dish, for example, was a workhorse for cooks in the 1950s-1970s and remains a favorite today. However, now theses dishes are also prized by collectors who seek out popular and rare Pyrex patterns for their vintage displays.

Midcentury Corning Ware and Pyrex dishes have become a staple in my Etsy shop. I also specialize in vintage purses from that era as well as costume jewelry and retro home decor. My shop is filled with the many treasures I find at estate sales around central Connecticut, where I now live. I love the hunt and never knowing what I might find at the next sale. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about early- to mid-century styles and designers and share some of that knowledge here on my blog. I hope you enjoy browsing through some of my posts exploring famous makers, brands, and celebrities from the past, as well as other topics that I find interesting. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your comments and suggestions!