Vintage Kodak

Vintage Gift Ideas for Men

Finding the perfect gift for the special man or men in your life isn’t easy. After a while, we all get tired of buying another shirt, tie, or sweater no matter how striking it might look on the rack. Some men can get excited about technology gifts but will they think of you every time they open their new iPad? Most of us are looking for something with a little more warmth and charm.

That’s where vintage shops come in. They’re chock full of rare and nostalgic items with classic, enduring appeal. Think about it: What discerning man wouldn’t love a midcentury chrome lighter, to take one example? It sure beats another shirt and has the added plus of sparking interesting conversations among friends. One of the cool things about vintage items is that they have histories and stories attached to them. The thing you hold in your hand today may once have been used, and perhaps cherished, by someone else from a completely different time and place.

Below is a curated selection of vintage items from my Etsy shop, Premium Transitions, that I think fall into that category. They’re the sort of gifts that will make him smile while making you look like a genius for thinking of them. (Photos link to shop listings).

1950s Lighters

retro lighter
This vintage brushed chrome ATC cigarette lighter is perfect for collectors and lovers of “Mad Men.” $25.
retro table lighter
A Classic Table lighter sold by Brooklyn-based American Safety Razor Co. in the 1940s. $55.

Vintage Art Prints

Yvon Paris etching
This etching of a Paris “bouquiniste” or bookseller is by Yvon, an artist known for his depictions of Paris streets and landmarks in the 1940s. $95.


Yvon Paris Etching
Here’s another etching by the same artist depicting gargoyles atop Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. $95.

For Photography Buffs

Vintage Kodak
Whether for use or display, he’ll love this 1950s Kodak Retina camera with weathered leather case. It has a retractable lens, light sensor, and manual settings. $65.

Leather Travel Case

Vintage leather tie case
A great gift for anyone who travels for business, this vintage leather case by Rumpp holds ties securely and hangs easily on a towel rack or hanger. $25.

vintage leather tie case










Classic Coffee Mugs

McDonalds classic mugs
Everyone likes to have a special morning coffee mug but who needs another World’s Greatest Dad or Husband knockoff? He’ll love this retro McDonald’s mug from back when the fast food chain used to serve its coffee in Fire King china. $12.
Classic Campbell's
Another classic from Campbell’s Soup that brings back memories of tomato soup grilled cheese sandwiches on a cold rainy day. $10.













MidCentury Bar Tumblers

Retro Barware
These vintage tumblers made by Dominion Glass Co. are perfect accessories for a retro bar or Mad Men-style party. They’re in pristine condition and feature the emblems of all 10 Canadian provinces.
retro barware
This wonderfully nostalgic set comes with 8 tumblers. $65.
retro barware
Found at an estate sale, these beauties are still packed in their original box. Love the retro typeface!

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